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help About Ovation Systems
Ovation Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for the police, military and other government law enforcement agencies. Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation in the law enforcement market and has won a number of awards for the development of specialist video surveillance products.

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With its small dimensions, advanced H.264/AVC video compression and the ability to operate over IP networks, FlashBack-3 is the obvious choice for the most demanding covert law enforcement applications.
FlashBack-3 Data Sheet (314 KB-PDF file)

FlashBack-3 C
This is the new version of the highly successful FlashBack-3 range of DVR/Streamers with miniature connectors that are colour coded for easy installation.
FlashBack-3 C Data Sheet (700 KB-PDF file)

Compact and rugged flash memory video / audio recorder designed for ultra covert applications such as body-worn surveillance. FlashBack utilises MPEG2 video compression providing excellent recorded video quality that can be replayed on a PC or burnt on to DVD.
FlashBack-2 Data Sheet (384 KB-PDF file)

The FlashBack-2 to range of DVRs with miniature colour coded connector pod for use with i-Conex interconnection system.
FlashBack-2-C Data Sheet (625 KB-PDF file)

FlashBack-2 USB
This is designed to satisfy evidential procedures where the first download is considered the master copy.
FlashBack-2 USB Data Sheet (352 KB-PDF file)

FlashBack-2 Quad Pod
This is a programmable video quad module for FlashBack-2 and provides full control of each picture's size and position, together with picture cropping and overlay.
FlashBack-2 Quad Pod Data Sheet (1 MB-PDF file)

FlashBack-2 Rechargeable
Offers the same benefits of FlashBack-2 with the addition of a internal rechargeable battery. FlashBack-2 Rechargeable is ideal for rapid deployment and short-term surveillance.
FlashBack-2 Rechargeable Data Sheet (304 KB-PDF file)

FlashBack-2 Motion Detector
Is a motion detector module, designed to provide a rugged, easily installed motion detector capability for the FlashBack-2 range of covert MPEG-2 video recorders.
FlashBack-2 Motion Detector Data Sheet (644 KB-PDF file)

FlashBack-2 Deca
Offers all the benefits of the FlashBack-2 with the advantage of extended record times via its 10 compact flash card slots. With 8GB cards, FlashBack-2 Deca gives up to 80 hours of continuous, "solid state" video recording.
FlashBack-2 Deca Data Sheet (296 KB-PDF file)