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NorPix is the leading developer of Digital Video Recording Software and Solutions for high speed video recording using either single or multiple cameras.
User applications of NorPix software and solutions include motion analysis and tracking, medical imaging and research, life science research, industrial trouble shooting and military applications.

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StreamPix 7 multiple camera recording software.
- Multi-language User Interface (language file can be edited).
- Recording video and DAQ can be suspended/resumed into the same SEQ+DAQ files.
- Time Source dialog: it is now possible to access the time source dialog to adjust time offset for video, audio and DAQ.
- Audio license is needed for all types of audio recordings (to AVI, MP4, AUD).
- GPU Manager settings page allowing to determine the acceleration capabilities available from the GPU.
- MP4 video and audio recording and playback.
- HEVC compressed video recording and playback.
- Recorded audio sound track can be played back to a different audio output device than the recording source.
- Added an audio track selection to allow multichannel recorded audio (>2) to be played back on a 2 channel audio output device.
- Recording to a series of JPEG files can be GPU accelerated.
- Updated H.264 Intel Quick Sync to version 6.
- "Press F12 to quit FullScreen Mode" caption can be disabled.
- H.264 compression scheme renamed to H264 Loop (for loop recording) and H264 for regular recording.
- While recording to H.264 Loop mode, user is advised to set a fixed image size.
- TurboJPEG or Intel JPEG decompression library can be selected (default: TurboJPEG).
- MP4/TS settings page to adjust MP4 encoding parmeters.
- Color Remapping allows modifying the parameters range.
- JPEG software compression - added a setting to enable/disable multithreading.
- Time Overlay module moved to the Display section of the ribbon menu.
StreamPix 7 Data Sheet (464 KB-PDF file)