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ProPhotonix designs and manufactures LED illumination solutions and laser modules. In addition, they distribute laser diodes from key industry leaders like Oclaro, Osram, Sony, QSI, Panasonic and Ondax. ProPhotonix has established a strong position in the machine vision sector and building on this reputation has significantly expanded its presence into the solar, semi-conductor, security and medical markets.

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LED line lights offer high intensity illumination and the advantages of LEDs — long lifetime, controllability, and increased reliability. They are ideally suited to linescan and web inspection of a host of materials and products, including paper, foil, metal, road surfaces, PCBs and semiconductors.
COBRA (810 MB-PDF file)
COBRA Flex (2358 KB-PDF file)
COBRA Max (1838 KB-PDF file)
COBRA Slim Focusing lens (477 KB-PDF file)
COBRA Slim Linescan Illumination (2670 KB-PDF file)
Current Mode Power Supply (625 KB-PDF file)
LOTUS Line Light (1611 KB-PDF file)
LOTUS Supplementary Information (895 KB-PDF file)

The entire SpecBright™ range of LED area lights, ring lights and long or short range spot lights maintain a very uniform, high-level of brightness that is not possible with conventional through-hole or surface mount LED based illuminators for comparable distances and areas.
SpecBright Area Lights (1330 KB-PDF file)
SpecBright Line Lights (1556 KB-PDF file)
SpecBright Ring Lights (1733 KB-PDF file)
SpecBright Spot Lights (2090 KB-PDF file)
UV COBRA Slim (1506 KB-PDF file)

Structured Laser Light (SLL) is a technique for projecting a known pattern of pixels (singular line, horizontal lines, crosshair, grid) onto an object. The way that these deform when striking surfaces allows vision systems to calculate the depth and surface information of the objects. The speed of data capture is the primary advantage of structured light scanners as they record multiple points at the same time and in the machine vision industry they are ideal for high-speed inspection or 3D measurements.
3D Laser Pro Variable Focus (1216 KB-PDF file)
3D Pro Laser (1881 KB-PDF file)
3D Pro Laser Mini (1083 KB-PDF file)

Looking to buy laser diode modules? ProPhotonix manufactures easy to use, plug and play laser diode module systems for a wide range of laser applications. We have the ability to offer a solution tailored to your requirements and application.
Standard and custom-designed laser diode modules and laser diode assemblies are available with wavelengths from 405nm to 830nm; high and low optical output powers from 0.9mW to 120mW; circular, line, cross, or elliptical spot generating optics; CW, pulsed or TTL modulation options as well as temperature stabilized (TE cooled) laser modules.
Compact Laser Diode Modules (652 KB-PDF file)
Green Laser Diode Modules (828 KB-PDF file)
Green TEC Laser Diode Modules (743 KB-PDF file)
Industrial Laser Diode Modules: Fixed Focus (1178 KB-PDF file)
Industrial Laser Diode Modules: Variable Focus (1188 KB-PDF file)
Laser Alignment System Laser Diode Modules (1124 KB-PDF file)
Photon Laser Diode Modules (1353 KB-PDF file)
TEC Laser Diode Modules: Circular Beam (679 KB-PDF file)
TEC Laser Diode Modules: Elliptical Beam (679 KB-PDF file)
Threadmount Laser Diode Modules (1050 KB-PDF file)

ProPhotonix laser assemblies and laser collimators provide the output you need in your system -- within your own driver system -- whether it is a focused beam, pigtailed diode or fibre receptacle.
Micro Laser Diode Collimators (862 KB-PDF file)
Miniature Laser Diode Collimators (886 KB-PDF file)