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help About Smart Vision Lights
Smart Vision Lights is a leader in developing and manufacturing machine vision lights for the advanced lighting industry. Their products feature high current LEDs and an intelligent driver in every light. With the built in intelligent driver, a separate driver is no longer needed for the machine light. This intelligent driver, also known as a smart driver, provides a constant current to every machine vision light.

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EZ Mount LED Ring Lights
- Ring Light mounts directly to all models of CCTV lenses
- Adapter Rings for all lens sizes
- Can also be mounted by T-Slot with T-nut
- High Output LED’s housed in small industrial housing
- Built in smart driver with NPN & PNP control
- Intensity control by analog 0-10VDC or integrated pot
- Industrial Standard M12 style quick disconnect
R80 Data Sheet (625 KB-PDF file)
R130 Data Sheet (638 KB-PDF file)
ODR80 Data Sheet (645 KB-PDF file)
ODR130 Data Sheet (646 KB-PDF file)

DDL Dome Light Series
The DDL Dome Light Series are designed to read code and imperfections on rounded or highly reflective products and product inspection with an even, uniform, and repeatable light intensity. The DDL Dome Lights feature our Multi-Drive™ controller and built-in driver.
DDL-100 Data Sheet (517 KB-PDF file)
DDL-150 Data Sheet (502 KB-PDF file)
DDL-250 Data Sheet (501 KB-PDF file)

Line High Power - LED Line Scan
- Brightest Line Scan Light Available
- Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver
- High and Low Intensity Selector
- Interlock System for User Protection
- 24VDC 40A Power Supply Included
- Available in 365nm – 940nm
- Optional Wire-Grid Polarizer - Available
- Greater than 5 Million Lux
LHP Data Sheet (584 KB-PDF file)
LCHP Data Sheet (434 KB-PDF file)

TSLOT Extrusion LED Light Series
The TSLOT Series of lights are an 80/20 extrusion adaptive LED light illuminator with an intense and uniform light pattern that offer considerable energy savings over fluorescent lighting options. Mounting is easy in that the TSLOT unit slides into the extrusion with no need for extra mounting accessories. With the ability to direct-connect up to 6 modules lengths of 300mm to 1800mm are achievable in 300mm increments.
TSLOT Data Sheet (645 KB-PDF file)

Connect A Light - Linear Light (Bar Light)
- Linear Lights for common illumination of a machine vision system
- 12 HB high current LED's
- Built in SMART driver - No external driver needed
- PNP and NPN strobe
- Constant or strobed operation
- Manual intensity control - Integrated potentiometer dimming
- Remote intensity control - Analog 0-10VDC
- Easily connect together
- Ability to mount on aluminum extrusion
L300 Data Sheet (613 KB-PDF file)
ODL300 Data Sheet (692 KB-PDF file)
ODLW300 Data Sheet (924 KB-PDF file)
LW300 Data Sheet (661 KB-PDF file)
LB300 Data Sheet (336 KB-PDF file)
Dark Field Curved Linear Light Remote Head Data Sheet (563 KB-PDF file)

OverDrive Series Series for Machine Vision Lighting
OverDrive™ series of lights includes an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control. No need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated intelligent driver monitors the strobe operation maximizing the lights output during inspections of the vision system.
The OverDrive™ offers our SafeStrobe technology. This unique technology applies safe working parameters to ensure the LED's are not damaged by driving them beyond their limits. This is especially beneficial for overdriving today's new High Current LED's. The OverDrive™ series provides repeatable intensity control and pulsing by using a microprocessor to watch and control the power to the LED's for safe operation. The integrated OverDrive™ controller offers both NPN and PNP strobe input for easy integration to today's smart cameras. Lights have high speed reaction times that offer extremely fast repeatable pulse times.
OverDrive™ technology automatically sets the limits for different LED's. Each color or wavelength of LED's are maximized producing the highest output LED lights in the vision industry. UV, IR, White, Red, Blue, Green and Cyan all have different maximum current limits and our OverDrive™ technology controls every color light.
OverDrive Features
- 2000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) - 2nd Generation Lights
- Intensity control using analog 0-10 VDC or potentiometer- 2nd Generation Lights
- Highest Power LED Lights in the Vision Industry
- SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED's
- 5 times brighter than standard high current LED Lights
- Precise current provides stable Light Intensity
- High Speed >> Fast Response
- NPN and PNP strobe control

The Brick Light® has 6 high output, high current LED's in a small housing. Brick Light® is available in light output of White, Red, Amber, Blue, Green, Cyan IR and UV. Brick Light® includes an integrated constant current driver with a built in strobe input with option for PNP or NPN trigger control. No need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated driver also includes variable light intensity control. Light can be controlled by a manual potentiometer or a 0-10VDC analog signal.
S75 Data Sheet (404 KB-PDF file)
ODS75 Data Sheet (484 KB-PDF file)
ODSW75 Data Sheet (468 KB-PDF file)
SW75 Data Sheet (636 KB-PDF file)

LLP-H Diffuse Ring Light Panels Emulate Dome Lighting
The LLP-H series of edge lit light panels are designed to emulate the diffuse, multiple angle lighting achieved when using a large dome light or tent light. The advantage is that these panels are larger, brighter, and can be used at longer working distances. This is achieved through the precision laser cut hole in the center of the Large Light Panel for the camera to peer through.
LLP-H Data Sheet (436 KB-PDF file)
DLP Light Panel (296 KB-PDF file)
DLPW Wash Down Light Panel (408 KB-PDF file)

LLP Back Light
2nd Generation LLPs
Our new and improved second generation of LLP back lights and large diffuse ring light panels. These edge lit, white, back lights now feature four sided LED illumination for twice the intensity of our original versions. The new clear anodized thin profile frame is more industrial than ever. This increased rigidity and improved mounting system offer an advanced rugged design.
LLP Series Data Sheet (440 KB-PDF file)

Harsh Environment Wash Down Lighting Equipment for Machine Vision

DLPW Light ≠ Diffuse Ring Light
- 300mm x 300mm (12" x 12")
- IP68 Standards – Meets FDA Compliancy
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Built in SMART driver – No External Driver needed
- PNP and NPN strobe
Light Tent or Dome Type of illumination for wash down.

SOBLW Back Light
- 150mm x 150mm (6" x 6")
- 150mm x 300mm (6” x 12”)
- 300mm x 300mm (12” x 12”)
- Larger Sizes available
Product Details
- IP68 Standards – Meets FDA Compliancy
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Built in SMART driver – No External Driver needed
- PNP and NPN strobe

ODLW300 & LW300 Linear Light
- IP68 Standards – Meets FDA Compliancy
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Designed to operate in food applications
- Corrosion resistant
- Built in SMART driver – No External Driver needed
- PNP and NPN strobe
- Easily connect together
Linear wash down is available in 2 versions. Standard Linear series LW300 or OverDrive ODL300 version. The OverDrive version is a high output strobe only model.

ODSW75 & SW75 Brick Spot Light
- IP68 Standards
- Meets FDA Compliancy
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Designed to operate in food applications
- Corrosion resistant
Brick wash down is available in 2 versions. Standard spot series SW75 or OverDrive™ ODSW75 version. The OverDrive™ version is a high output strobe only model.

SW30 Prox Spot Light
- IP68 Standards
- Meets FDA Compliancy
- 316 Stainless Steel
- Designed to operate in food applications
- Corrosion resistant
The Prox Light® has one 5 watt high output, high current LED in a small 30mm barrel sensor housing. Housing is an industry standard M30 barrel style used for proximity and photoelectric sensors.

Explosion Proof
The Prox Light® mounts in APG C2 enclosure providing an explosive environment light.
Contact us for compliance details

Custom Lighting for Machine Vision
Smart Vision Lights can help design and build a light for your application.

Custom DLP 190x190 light in Blue 470nm with 2 “flat sides”

SOBL backlight with selectable rows of LEDs

Large Backlights

30 Watt LED strobe light for robotic submarine

Large Diffuse Ring Light Panel for uniform light coverage

Dual Row 600mm linear light sealed for outdoor environment

Dark Field Light
Adjustable Dark Field Ring Light Data Sheet (276 KB-PDF file)
Dark Field Curved Linear Light Data Sheet (408 KB-PDF file)

LED Structured Light Pattern Projectors
Smart Vision Lights is pleased to release a new series of LED structured light projectors. LED projector uses patterns and optics to provide a focused structured light. SP pattern projectors integrate precisely etched masks. Any kind of pattern shape can be easily supplied, integrated and projected.
SP30 Projector Data Sheet (740 KB-PDF file)
ODSP30 Projector Data Sheet (780 KB-PDF file)
SP30 Projector Distance Chart (180 KB-PDF file)

Large Ring Lights
RL200 Data Sheet (516 KB-PDF file)
RL300 Data Sheet (508 KB-PDF file)

Homeland Security | Vehicle Inspection | Traffic Monitoring
LXH-D40 Series
Long Linear LED lights for Security and Traffic
Outdoor compatible
Tested -40°C to 50°C (-40°F to 120°F)
Environmentally sealed
Driver built in – No External wiring to a driver
PNP and NPN Strobe input
Continuous operation or Strobe mode
1mm2 Die High Current LEDs
Available sizes: 300mm to 2m (size must be in 300mm increments)
The standard lens is Line. Available also in narrow "N” and wide "W"
LXH D40 Data Sheet (352 KB-PDF file)

Smart Vision Lights now offers a series of competitively priced, “Grey Series Lighting”. The LC300 Linear Light & the SC75 Brick Light are low cost alternatives for the Vision Industry. This line features all high bright LEDs, can operate in strobe mode or constant on, and features a built-in driver. SVL’s Grey Series Lighting Series is available in Red 625nm, Blue 470nm, Green 530nm, IR 850nm and White only. The option for standard tight, wide angle expanded, or line generating optics are available as well.
LC300 Data Sheet (488 KB-PDF file)
SC75 Data Sheet (408 KB-PDF file)

XR series high speed strobe lights are capable of up to 5000 Strobes Per Second (SPS). XR series of LED lights have storage of electrical energy to pulse the LED’s. XR256 have a pulsed LED energy of 2000 watts when LED’s are active. XR256 light is pulsing the LED’s with up to 180 amps of DC current. XR256 light has 256mm squared area of LED die running at up to 2000 watts. For comparison a standard LED light for machine vision has on average 3-12mm’s squared area of LED die running at 3-12 watts.
XR256 Data Sheet (392 KB-PDF file)

MOBL series HIGH OUTPUT: High Power Back Lights for the machine vision industry
The MOBL series of LED Back Lights provide high output diffuse light. Lights are specifically engineered for high speed packaging and bottling lines. The MOBL is an area lit light using large die high power LED’s.
MOBL Data Sheet (368 KB-PDF file)
MOBL SO Data Sheet (364 KB-PDF file)
MOBLW SO Data Sheet (364 KB-PDF file)

SOBL Back Light series: Back lights or diffuse illumination
Product Details
Thin profile at only 30mm. Housing is constructed in industry aluminum extrusion to dissipate heat. Standard T-slot channel is used on light for ease of mounting. The SOBL is an area lite light contains hundreds and/or thousands of LED lights (depending on the size).
SOBL Data Sheet (288 KB-PDF file)
SOBLW Data Sheet (284 KB-PDF file)