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help About Ovation Systems
Ovation Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for the police, military and other government law enforcement agencies. Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation in the law enforcement market and has won a number of awards for the development of specialist video surveillance products.

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A cost-effective delay system that can hold up to 2 minutes of video and audio within its internal solid-state memory. DelayLine is ideal for applications where a constantly recycling video buffer is required such as action replay, pre-event buffer and synchronising video and audio feeds. It has been used in many diverse applications such as sports coaching, video art, museum exhibits and profanity protection of broadcast feeds.
DelayLine Data Sheet (100 KB-PDF file)

Using the very latest in real-time image processing technology from QinetiQ, StableEyes removes camera shake, leaving operators with clear and steady video.
StableEyes Data Sheet (2.3 MB-PDF file)

Advanced video quad display processor that combines four pictures onto one screen with any scale, crop and position. Unit features full external RS232 control of all functions.
FourSight Data Sheet (411 KB-PDF file)

An HD video quad display system with high resolution DVI/HDMI output, that allows up to four PAL or NTSC cameras to be viewed on one high resolution LCD display with outstanding clarity.
FourSight DVI Data Sheet (368 KB-PDF file)

Micro-FourSight Ultra Compact Quad
Ultra compact quad, that allows up to four cameras to be viewed on one screen. System includes 16 pre-set display modes, which can user reconfigured from a possible 176 display formats.
Micro-FourSight Ultra Compact Quad Data Sheet (844 KB-PDF file)

A new version of micro-FourSight advanced video quad fitted with Ovation's I-Conex miniature connection system for easy installation and wiring.
Micro-FourSight-C Data Sheet (412 KB-PDF file)

Gemini 2 and 4
Gemini quadruples the channel capacity of existing video surveillance links by multiplexing up to four independent video feeds together into one channel. The system is 12 volt DC powered and enclosed in small rugged cases, ideally suited for covert installations. Gemini is the simple and cost effective way to add capacity to any real-time video link.
Gemini 2 and 4 Data Sheet (668 KB-PDF file)

The simplest way to add an extra camera to ultra-covert surveillance links and retains all the key features of the standard Gemini range including full colour operation, fast update rate, on-screen display and by-pass on power-down.
Micro-Gemini-2 Data Sheet (348 KB-PDF file)