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Kinesense develops video retrieval, search and analysis technology for police and and intelligence services. Our software reduces human effort and increases speed and accuracy in video investigations and surveillance.

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Kinesense LE
Kinesense LE gives investigators advanced video analytics technology in an easy to use application to accelerate investigations, reduce human effort and assure evidential integrity at every stage in the investigation. Kinesense LE enables investigators to analyze video evidence 20 times faster than before. It is ideal for retrieving and searching footage from 3rd party analogue and digital CCTV systems and for analysing video evidence from overt and covert surveillance operations.
Kinesense LE Data Sheet (2.1 MB-PDF file)

Video Analysis Kit
When responding to major incidents, every second counts. Kinesense Portable Video Analysis Kit puts advanced video analytics technology at the scene in a rugged rapid-deployment unit. Kinesense Video Analysis Kit packs all of the power of Kinsense LE into a rugged portable package. It is ideal for retrieving and searching footage from 3rd party analogue or digital CCTV systems and for analysing video evidence during overt and covert surveillance operations.
Video Analysis Kit Data Sheet (1016 KB-PDF file)

Kinesense CovertSuite
Covert surveillance teams worldwide depend on Ovation Systems’ AfterBurner™, the market leading time-lapse DVD recorder. Once surveillance video is recovered from surveillance sites, the human effort required to review the raw product is substantial. CovertSuite enables investigators to quickly find the events that matter. An investigator can define a filter that shows only people in a particular area of the screen or going through a specific door. Matches against the filter are shown on a video timeline, and the investigator can jump quickly to scenes of interest. A filter can be created and executed against a week of surveillance footage in less than two minutes.
Kinesense CovertSuitee Data Sheet (1.3 MB-PDF file)

Kinesense Report

Kinesense Report is the easy to use tool for video evidence creation. Stitch clips from different cameras to map out a suspect’s movement. Within minutes, create a report highlighting the suspect’s movements from entry to the building to leaving the scene of the crime.