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Since 1987 Bock Optronics has served the market as a comprehensive distributor, integrator, partner and service facility for innovative and progressive manufacturers of electronic imaging hardware.

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VQ-Series - Colour & Monochrome CCD Cameras
The VQ-series of ultra compact colour and monochrome CCD video cameras offer excellent image quality and user friendly design.
VQ-Series Data Sheet (854 KB-PDF file)

VB21EH-W36 - Rugged Water Resistant Cylindrical Camera

VB21EH-W36 Data Sheet (926 KB-PDF file)

BK-56 & BK-56c
Sprinkler Head CCD Camera

The BK-56 and BK-56c (colour) sprinkler head surveillance CCD camera system blends nicely into the industrial, office or retail environments, allowing for surveillance of activity and personnel below. The covert sprinkler head system is easily installed into a drop ceiling or with a magnet on any steel supporting structure.
BK-56 & BK-56c Data Sheet (372 KB-PDF file) 

PRO-CAM Kits - Versatile Compact Camera and Lens Kit for Surveillance 
The Bock Optronics PRO-CAM kits are a selection of camera and lens packages designed to provide flexibility and performance for discreet surveillance applications.
PRO-CAM Kits Data Sheet (2.4 MB-PDF file)

DVCS Door “Peephole" Surveillance Kit 
- Rapid installation
- No peephole lens replacement
- Can be used with any model peephole
DVCS-70C Door Peephole Surveillance Kit Data Sheet (1.9 MB-PDF file)
DVCS-29CHD Door Peephole Surveillance Kit, 1080P HD Data Sheet (1.9 MB-PDF file)
DVCS-25M/25C Door Peephole Surveillance Kit Data Sheet (1.8 MB-PDF file)

Covert Cameras
Covert Cameras Data Sheet (204 KB-PDF file)

CS55P Snake camera with goose neck bracket
CS55P Snake camera with goose neck bracket Data Sheet (368 KB-PDF file)