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Since 1987 Bock Optronics has served the market as a comprehensive distributor, integrator, partner and service facility for innovative and progressive manufacturers of electronic imaging hardware.

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Optron XHR-Series - Machine Vision / Factory Automation Lenses
Optron XHR-Series - Machine Vision / Factory Automation Lenses (514 KB-PDF file)

BML-Series M12 (S-mount) Lenses
BML-Series M12 (S-mount) Lenses (1.4 MB-PDF file)

High Performance M12 Micro-Lenses
High Performance M12 Micro-Lenses Product Catalog (1.3 MB-PDF file)

IR Filter
Ideal for covert camera installation.
The IR-filter sheet is available in 1m x 1m x 6mm (45x45x0.25) size.Monochrome cameras can be placed covertly behind this filter sheet to view activities right through the IR filter material while not visible to anyone on the other side.Normally we sell these in 1m x 1m panels, but they can be cut to customers specification as well.
IR Filter Data Sheet (280 KB-PDF file)