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help About Ovation Systems
Ovation Systems Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of rugged, high performance video surveillance products for the police, military and other government law enforcement agencies. Over the past 20 years the company has gained an excellent reputation in the law enforcement market and has won a number of awards for the development of specialist video surveillance products.

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Viewlock II
The world's leading video encryption system for use in law enforcement applications. Multiple encryption keys, line cut and rotate video scrambling, optional digital audio scrambling and a small rugged construction makes Viewlock ideal for covert surveillance applications.
Viewlock II Data Sheet (1.6 MB-PDF file)

Micro-Viewlock II
Micro-Viewlock II is an ultra compact version of Viewlock II video encryption system. Its small dimensions and low DC power consumption make the system ideal for highly covert applications, such as body-worn installations, or for integration into third-party video surveillance equipment.

Micro-Viewlock II Data Sheet (112 KB-PDF file)

Micro-View/Audiolock II
Micro-View/Audiolock II as micro-Viewlock but with the addition of dual channel digital audio scrambling. Video and audio encryption system for ultra covert / OEM microwave video surveillance applications.
Micro-View/Audiolock II Data Sheet (60 KB-PDF file)

Viewlock-II KeySafe
Viewlock-II KeySafe is a convenient way of programming the Secondary Encryption Key in ViewLock-II without the use of a PC or laptop computer.
Viewlock-II KeySafe Data Sheet (111 KB-PDF file)

Obscura is an entry-level video scrambling system designed to prevent licence exempt video links from interception by video scanners.
Obscura Data Sheet (112 KB-PDF file)

Using the very latest in real-time image processing technology from QinetiQ, StableEyes removes camera shake, leaving operators with clear and steady video.
StableEyes Data Sheet (2.3 MB-PDF file)