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help About Millennium Sensor
Millennium Sensor has developed a highly portable security sensor platform that is designed to provide rapidly deployed temporary intruder/suspect detection and asset protection in environments ranging from the battlefield to domestic public spaces. The P3 MRSS™ and MTV™ systems are in use in such environments around the world. Millennium's patented “next-generation” solutions address the immediate, critical unmet needs for warfighters, law enforcement, tactical first responders, and corporate/executive security providers.

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This unmet need was underscored by the US Army in November 2001, when it solicited existing, near-term, and future technology capable of increasing warfighters’ lethality and survivability without relying on remote, complex communications systems.
Since 1991, Millennium has been active in developing security technologies for personal/asset protection and force multiplication applications. The Company began to develop this platform technology with the encouragement and cooperation of the United States Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory and other federal and private consultants. This platform was developed not around a single product, but a scalable concept of mobile remote sensing.

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