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• Ultra high intensity Line Light solution (up to 2.3 Million Lux)

• Liquid cooled for maximum LED brightness

• Ideal for high speed / high resolution Line Scan imaging

• Choice of Wavelengths: White (Cool White), Green (530nm), Red (627nm), Green (530nm), Blue (470nm), IR (740nm, 850nm, 940nm)

• Full profile control for true flat field correction

• Narrow form factor

• Available in lengths from 250mm to 3500mm





The Gardasoft Series of LED Controllers provide high precision control of LED Lighting for Machine Vision applications. They include the power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions required for Machine Vision systems and utilise Gardasoft's SafePowerTM and SafeSenseTM patented technology. The TR-HT Series are the industry's most powerful LED Lighting Controllers with 150W per channel (50A pulsed, 5A continuous).

RT Series Datasheet

RC Series Datasheet

PP1600 Series Datasheet

PP16CC Series Datasheet

PP420 Series Datasheet

PP500 Series Datasheet

PP600 Series Datasheet

PP820 Series Datasheet

PP860 Series Datasheet

TR-HT Series Datasheet

Gardasoft TR Series LED Controllers are a core component of a triniti Intelligent Lighting system. triniti is a new enabling technology from Gardasoft, which provides expert control, operational intelligence and full integration of Machine Vision lighting – all within a 'plug & play' environment.

The CC320 Series provides an easy and complete working solution for accurate timing of component sensing, camera triggering and reject gates. Timing can be based on precise delays or on exact conveyor belt travel using an encoder.


The RTCC4 combines all the features of the Gardasoft RT Series with the timing functionality of the CC320. The combination provides a high level of integration in Machine Vision systems - saving complexity, space and costs.


The FP220 is the first of a new generation of high-power LED lighting controllers which has been designed specifically for demanding machine vision applications. The controller features a unique output drive technology which can create very fast, accurate light pulses. The result is a lighting controller which has industry-leading performance for high-speed, high-power pulsing with low power dissipation. In addition to its high-power mode, it has very stable low-current performance down to less than 1mA.


OLED panels have many benefits in machine vision applications because they give an exceptionally stable and uniform light intensity across the width of the panel. They are also very thin and can be moulded into complex shapes. However, OLED lights are challenging to control because the physical properties inherent in OLED panels demand sophisticated drive techniques to obtain fast and accurate pulsing.





The Gardasoft TR-CL180 single-channel Industrial Liquid Lens Controller provides very accurate and repeatable control of optotune tunable lenses. It was developed in close collaboration with Optotune.

Gardasoft offers a range of technologies that are suitable for embedded applications. The embedded tuneable lens controller is available as a complete, enclosure-free, miniature board that is designed to fit into cameras, lighting and other equipment. This is suitable for liquid lens control.

Miniature, board-level motorised lens controllers provide precise and rapid control of motorised lenses. These products are suitable for embedded use, can provide control of focus, zoom and iris adjustment, and can also control pan and tilt mechanisms. The exact functionality and physical shape can be tailored to individual needs.

Gardasoft Vision was founded in 1999 producing LED lighting controllers for the Machine Vision industry, and is now established as a global leader in the design, manufacture and application of high performance LED control technology and high intensity LED lighting - where our innovation has resulted in the sustained growth of the business. Since its inception, Gardasoft has grown strongly through a continuous high level of re-investment in Research and Development.