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The new ZEISS Dimension® family meets the highest demands for industrial applications. The lenses developed for use with a C-mount are designed for image sensors up to a size of 4/3” and offer exceptional image quality in a compact, lightweight and rugged aluminum housing. The ZEISS Dimension® family consists of six focal lengths ranging from 8 to 50 millimeters. Almost all ZEISS Dimension lenses have the same outer diameter for reliable planning when mounting them in production facilities.

ZEISS lenses for technical applications are key components in complex production processes (Machine Vision) as well as in optical metrology, medical applications, traffic enforcement, quality assurance, sports and many other applications. Due to the precise manual adjustment of the helical focusing mount our partners will gain much better results than with comparable lenses.



The ZEISS Ventum 2.8/21 stands out as an extreme wide-angle lens with exceptional optical imaging correction. The lens offers unmatched levels of contrast, resolution, and color fidelity across the entire imaging area. This saves time and computing power during post-processing and also provides to more accurate data when calculating 3D models.



All Interlock® lenses from ZEISS offer extraordinary image quality with high contrast for technical and industrial applications. They feature an improved fixture for focus and aperture as well as a full metal housing for robustness. The lenses impress with their high image quality and precise manual focus. They are available with standard F-Mount and standard M42x1 Mount (45,5 mm Flange Focal Distance) for even more stability....

The Interlock® Compact lens family impresses with its high and unwavering image quality and precise manual focus. Their low weight, compactness and robust full-metal housing make the lenses suitable for rough industrial use. The lens family features a short M42x1 mount (18 mm FFD) and superior fixture screws that allow exact locking of aperture and focus.



ZEISS Otus Lenses offer the possibility to image fast at low light with practically no aberrations. The lenses operate at f/1.4 without any compromises in performance. At f/1.4 you will hardly see any color fringes even when using 3,5 µm pixels. These lenses will provide you with build quality and extremly smooth rotation angle for the very best usability. All these features make the ZEISS Otus lenses absolutely unique and set new standards.


The ZEISS Classis lens family offers extraordinary image quality with high contrast for technical and industrial applications in addition to a precise fixture for focus and aperture. The outer design is characterized by a full-metal housing as well as a focus ring, which allows precise manual focusing.