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Our innovative semi-rigid fiberscopes and videoscopes offer the highest levels of durability and ease of customization. With sizes ranging from .35mm-4mm, this scope style has the versatility to meet the most challenging applications. Our Milliwand scope configurations are both rugged and easy to use.

Founded in 1984 to answer a need for high quality, small diameter borescopes, Zibra Corporation has grown to become the premier designer and producer of today’s rigid, semi-rigid and flexible microborescope systems. Using the latest in subminiature optics and optical fiber, they create tools to navigate previously inaccessible areas, delivering images of unprecedented resolution.


Zibra Corp is a world leader in state of the art, small diameter videoscope design and fabrication. We produce systems to meet your most difficult inspection challenges, including a 2.7mm diameter articulating videoscope for your smallest inspections. We offer non-articulating videoscopes in diameters as small as 2.1 mm as well as custom videoscope products.


Zibra Corporation offers a wide selection of RVI fiberscope and videoscope systems that are quality engineered for critical inspections. We use interchangeable scope platform designs which provide the clearest picture for your inspection requirements while allowing our customers to complete their inspections easier, faster and with less risk.




Our modular industrial rigid borescopes offer the highest levels of image quality along with simple interchangeability. Available diameters .6 mm-5.5 mm and in lengths up to 430 mm. Cable- free, rotatable side view borescopes are available in 4 and 5.5 mm diameters. Customized solutions are also available.