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NorPix is the leading developer of Digital Video Recording Software and Solutions for high speed video recording using either single or multiple cameras. User applications of NorPix software and solutions include motion analysis and tracking, medical imaging and research, life science research, industrial trouble shooting and military applications.



• Three StreamPix versions available; Lite, Single full camera, Multiple camera.

Supports a wide selection of cameras and frame grabbers.

Free and Premium modules such as GPS, IrigB, Audio and multiple camera merging.

Compatible GigE Vision, USB3, 10 and 25 GigE Vision, Camera Link, CoaXPress, ONVIF, Firewire, Web IP, WDM and Fiber based.

State of the art customizable GUI.

Console for setup, control and acquisition.

Capture at up to 7.5 Gigabytes/second.

Continuous upgrade and software maintenance.

Tech support through email, phone and gotoassist.com.

Windows 7, 10 with 32 or 64 bit support.

Supports codecs such as JPEG, H.264, HEVC, M-JPEG, MPEG4, AAC and MP3.

Accelerated compression using NVIDIA CUDA GPU.

Multiple language support: German, Chinese Traditional and Simplified, Korean, Spanish and French.

Multicamera synchronized capture and synchronized playback.

Web Streamer:  Stream cameras to the web.


     Remotely view StreamPix images (live feed or playback).

     Remote control over the main features of StreamPix.

     Create new remote sessions based on computer name or IP address and StreamPix workspace name.

     Show real-time per computer and per workspace status information.

     File history available for better video shoot management.

     Efficient CPU usage and network traffic monitoring.

     Ability to send notifications to a 3rd-party application via UDP protocol.

     Remotely control camera settings and adjustments (for simultaneous control cameras must be identical).

     Support for Vicon Blade messaging protocole.

     Operate via wired LAN or Wifi network.


Streaming Software Package Details:

     Stream up to UHD resolution from more than one camera.

     Accelerated H.264 or HEVC compression using either CPU or GPU.

     Intel QuickSync GPU.

     nVidia 7xx series GPU or better.

     AMD R9 series GPU or better.

     Reduce image size or frame rate to reduce bandwidth and bit rate.

     Runs on any Windows based computer.

View using any RTSP/HLS viewer:

     View directly in your iOS or Android device browser.

     Use VLC player on Desktop.

     Unbuffered view using NorPix MulticastViewer or StreamPix.